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Modder Pool, formerly leased to an old fishing syndicate, has now undergone a massive transformation after falling into disuse for over 10 years. The programme of major development includes bank clearances and the installation of pegs and bridges, with the ultimate aim of reopening the pool and enabling it to regain its former glory.

The pool has always been well-stocked with common and mirror carp, currently attaining weights of up to 15lb. The variety of other fish in the pool includes rudd, bream, roach and tench, thus providing fishing for different types of anglers.

In a beautiful location adjacent to an 80 acre area of woodland, the pool measures approximately one and three quarter acres in size and has at its right-hand end (looking from the entrance) a small tree-clad island. About 5 feet at its deepest point, the pool has a flat and even bottom with gradually sloping sides. Since the lake is quite shallow, it makes it easier to fish with a waggler or pole. The recommended line strength for those fishing for carp is about 6lbs -8lbs, combined with a size 12 to 14 barbless hook. The most successful baits have proven to be those such as sweet corn, prawns, and maggots, all fished on the bottom. Bread is also useful when fished both on the bottom and as a surface bait.

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